Would you like to deliver projects on time and within budget every time?

‘currently the most effective method of project planning available we’ve seen’

This is how our Project Planning Methodology was described by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in 2017.  Project Planning Breakthroughs is a highly practical execution planning process that is immediately understood by everyone and delivers projects on time and on budget.

How are projects run in your organisation? Do you experience any of the following?

  • Lack of clarity around project objectives and scope
  • Overly complex or inconsistent project management methods and tools
  • Lack of user input and executive support
  • Incomplete and then changing requirements and specifications
  • Balancing project demands with operational needs
  • Increased pressure for results, leading to…
  • Unrealistic expectations and timescales, resulting in last minute panic!
  • A hero arriving at the end to pick up the pieces and push it over the finish line…
  • Little review and learning not implemented for next time

Our Solution:

Project Planning Breakthroughs is a practical solution for teams and businesses that find themselves managing a myriad of projects. It is a 3-day intensive programme (can be done in 2 long days) built upon 4 unique case studies. Each case study is designed to allow participants hands-on experience with the project planning process. It is broken down into a practical 5 step framework for successful project planning. Participants work in small teams and by the end of the programme they will have a thorough understanding of project planning and resourcing. What’s more? They will have the confidence to apply the process to their own projects immediately.

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Immediate Benefits

  • Develop a complete and comprehensive Objective Statement; the foundation of a successful project

  • Create a detailed and agreed Execution Plan using a unique process called Objective Driven Logic applied to a Time-Scaled Dependency Chart

  • Apply a simple, yet powerful method to resolve complex resource constraints

  • Calculate a detailed Budget and Cash Requirement Projection

  • Integrate contingency planning through ‘Scenario Estimating’

  • Determine where and when to best apply project management software

  • Bring final closure to the project through the application of a 3-level review process

Overriding Benefits:

  • User friendly tools and methods which removes complexity

  • Quick and easy method to determining the most efficient plan – resource allocation, sequential AND parallel dependencies, critical path

  • Visual evidence which supports quick and effective decision making

What our Clients say about Project Planning

‘The only planning method that brings projects in under budget and has the lowest percentage of schedule increases compared to other planning methods.’

Dr Andrew Griffin
Project Analysis Ltd

 ‘Currently the most effective method of project planning available we’ve seen.’

Project Management Institute (PMI)

‘You don’t find too many training offerings which are so powerful that you start improving your results the very next day. The clear Objective Driven Logic approach was an eye opener for our teams and helps us to run all kinds of projects more smoothly. This training has been invaluable’