Build on your Working Sm@rt Foundation:

MS Teams has suddenly become part of our tool-kit and the Pandemic has meant it has been widely deployed.   It has great potential as a collaborative tool to: 

  • Centralise information
  • Reduce email traffic internally
  • Manage files with real-time updating
  • Share team tasks with visibility and transparency
  • Support a modern culture of working anywhere with access to the right information  

However most of our clients are using chat and online meetings with little understanding of its full  potential.  Teams is a Pandora’s Box – once it is out, it is difficult to contain and we recommend some clear governance around how it should be used.  After all, the tools are only there to serve the purpose of helping the organisation achieve its goals more effectively.   Is this the case?

What is Working Sm@rt with MS TEAMS?

Working Sm@rt with MS Teams combines Priority Management’s Sm@rt best practises with an optimisation of technology to increase efficiencies and productivity

This programme should be run after attending Working Sm@rt withOutlook but options are available as a stand-alone programme.


  • Clear & consistent working processes and rules of engagement for all staff
  • Keep staff  up to date easily on projects and key work by centralising the information and communication
  • Maximise the ability to effectively collaborate across and within teams
  • Reduction in email traffic for staff
  • Centralised document management by project and key work / team
  • Shorter, more focused meetings; easy access to meeting notes and actions
  • Manage all team tasks in one place


  • 4 hour on-line instructor led workshop 
  • 1 hour individual coaching session 3 to 4 weeks later 
  • Detailed Learning Guide

Additional modules available for advanced users

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