For over 35 years, Priority Management has provided best practice business skills training in productivity and project planning to large organisations and individuals across the globe.  We offer unique, best practice and proven to work, business methodologies which revolutionise the way you and your teams operate.  Experience immediate results and easy to implement processes which make an instant difference.  Over 2 million people world wide have benefited from our programmes.

Our Glasgow office covers Scotland, works extensively in Europe too and has an outstanding track record with an impressive list of clients.  If you are looking to find new ways of handling large volumes of work and projects, ever changing IT, need to consider modern leadership and management behaviours and would like to find another hour a day, read on.

Absolutely life-changing. The benefits have not just been around how you maximise some of the technologies we use, but the major impact has been one of change management.
I was totally surprised during the first day of training. During the hour we were taken through a series of eye opening work scenarios which all led to a sudden and significant realisation that there are other choices about how we do things available to us.I am strongly focused on the right things.

Head of Executive Management, Bayer

“More than time management – a whole new way to work! The course is worthwhile to all regardless of role, location, seniority or experience.  It’s a short programme with a life changing impact

Programme Director
J&J Switzerland

“Working Sm@rt has benefited our business by saving time, money and staff resources and it supports and trains staff to manage their daily working routines and workloads much more effectively.  Great for well-being too.”

Managing Director
Eden Springs

Life-changing – rare to get a course which has significant strategic impact coupled with such tangible and practical tools.  Excellent in every sense

Head of OD, NHS

Many generic providers offer time management training, but the depth and breadth of expertise of Working Sm@rt, it’s direct link to behaviours and the quality of trainers Priority Management has makes it  stand out.

Head of Coaching and Development
Hymans Robertson