Increase productivity, take control of workloads, reduce work related anxiety and optimise digital tools.

Your people are important to you. We get that.

Investing in their knowledge and experience won't just help their productivity. It will also help their health and well-being.

Covid has changed all our working lives - not always for the better. In this ever evolving digital world, we are all experiencing a deluge of information and challenges. So many companies tell us that stress levels are rising, ultimately impacting results. 

But there is a way to support your staff and increase efficiencies.

It's called WorkingSm@rt®

We understand people - unlock your potential with expert guidance:

General online courses can't adapt the content to the people undertaking it.

Our WorkingSm@rt® workshops and individual coaching plans make the training relevant to your job and company. 

With home working and tech companies constantly updating their offerings, your staff need to be supported, to ensure they are not literally left to their own devices.

Your staff will love that they can use their technology better. All of our WorkingSm@rt® courses are practical with a mix of classroom and one-to-one. We believe it works well. But don't just take our word for it.  

Here are what some of our clients say:

"Absolutely life-changing. I was totally surprised during the first day of training. During the first hour, we were taken through a series of eye-opening work scenarios, which all led to a sudden and significant realisation that there are other choices about how we do things available to us."                                                                                                                                                             - Head of Executive Management, Bayer

'There wasn't a similar offering anywhere else and general courses were not adaptable enough.'                                                                                                    - Isla Hyslop, Head of OD at NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

'10 years later, we are still using the techniques they use on the course - it has been revolutionary in day-to-day work.'                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           - Catherine Palmer, Highlands & Islands Airport Ltd


The Team


Gilly MacMorran leads our team of experienced professionals. Our knowledge of how to get people to implement change is our biggest strength.

The Priority Management team are here to achieve your goals, providing personalised guidance and support every step of the way. We motivate, challenge, tailor and pitch delivery appropriately, depending on the level and experience of our groups.

From soft skills to strategic planning, we're here to unlock your full potential. We are all about results, and, above all, we make the process uncomplicated and easy to understand.