We have been catapulted into the world of on-line video conferencing and apps like zoom, webex, gotomeeting, teams have pulled their weight by keeping us all connected.  However, over communicating runs the risk of being extremely ineffective and time consuming.  Clients complain of poorly managed, overly long, unfocused meetings and calls.  So how much is all this really costing? We need to put some time and effort into improving our meeting processes and behaviours.  Learn how to organise and run successful meetings, while getting the most out of all the meetings you attend.

We are all focused on managing costs and doing things efficiently so why are we not putting some time and effort into improving our costly and often ineffective meetings? Not just face to face ones, but our online meetings too.

All too often they run over their allocated time, the point of the meeting has been lost and the reasonably well-intentioned participants are thinking about what they could be getting on with back at their desks. The Priority Management Working Sm@rt in Meetings programme will help you manage meetings more effectively:

  • Use a Working Sm@rt meeting management process for every meeting

  • Use a proven decision making process in meetings

  • Ensure you keep the meeting on track and to the agenda

  • Help you manage participants more effectively – knowing how to drive it and when to intervene

  • Help you to manage different personalities and conflicts

  • Arm you with know how to hold effective virtual meetings

Immediate benefits of the programme include:

  • Well planned meetings

  • Effective ROI for meetings

  • Increased commitment to action items resulting from meetings

  • A continuous improvement process for meetings

  • Participants will enjoy and reap the benefits of effective meetings

The course is aimed at workgroups and teams, including managers, technical and sales professionals, supervisors, administrators and project leaders who currently conduct or attend meetings. Ideally it’s a programme all senior management should attend and buy into so that you change your meetings culture radically.

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