Leading productive meetings.

Whether online, in person or hybrid, learn not only how to plan, organise and run a successful meeting but also how to get the most out of the meetings you are required to attend.

This course will help you to:

  • Run meetings more effectively, with a clear focus on actions
  • Prepare better to attend meetings 
  • Design effective agendas to increase accountability 
  • Apply a proven planning process to meetings
  • Know how to keep a meeting on track
  • Use an effective process for evaluating meetings


Workgroups and teams including managers, technical and sales professionals, supervisors, administrators and project leaders who currently conduct or attend meetings.


  • 1x half-day instructor led online session
  • 1 hour individual coaching session 3 to 4 weeks later
  • Detailed Learning Guide
  • Post Training Consultancy support offered for implementation

What's Included

  • Comprehensive Learning Guide and Resource Material
  • Subscription to our monthly Learning Link e-newsletter

More about WorkingSm@rt® in Meetings

Download a synopsis of the course.