WorkingSm@rt® Ongoing Support for existing clients

WorkingSm@rt® is a practical methodology that needs to be worked on continuously so you develop effective best practice habits that will serve you for life. Many of our clients revisit the programme to refine and revisit their behaviours and update their working processes.

Options for ongoing support:

We have three different options - simply choose the one that best suits you and your team. 

Call us and we can talk you through the options. 

  • Revisit our Open Courses

We host regular open courses. Feel free to browse in the "Book a Course" Section or get in touch to find out more.

  • Group Refresher Sessions

We regularly helps clients we trained years ago who may need a boost, have changed jobs, wish to revisit what they learned, or need help! 

Tailored specifically to you, these put you back on track and bring you up to speed with what's new.

  • Additional Individual Coaching

  • It is the perfect refresher for those struggling to work effectively at home.
  • WorkingSm@rt® Refresher for groups of 10 - 15 people.
  • 2-hour online WorkingSm@rt® session to update, refresh, and consider how to apply WorkingSm@rt® in whatever new environment you work.
  • Everyone needs to be a past participant in the programme.

More about Ongoing Support

Download an in-depth synopsis of the sessions.