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Training Courses

Priority Management has spent over 35 years researching best practices and working processes in the workplace and has delivered training courses to over 2 million people in the last decade. Most organisations have restructured the structures, restructured the work, restructured the processes but not quite restructured how people work on a day-to-day basis. This ranges from managing projects, to handling complex and far reaching workloads, to setting email and meeting protocols for the organisation. The skills and behaviour required for people to manage, lead and cope effectively in the ever changing 24/7, digital and ‘device’ led world are very different to those employed even just 5 years ago. We all need to upgrade our skills and behaviour.


The Working Sm@rt Method.

Many business leaders today find themselves struggling to balance their focus between strategy, operations and people. Instead the days and weeks are taken up with meetings and email. As a result, they fail to find time on a daily basis to prioritise, plan and set clear direction for their teams – these simple things have a huge knock on effect on business productivity, personal sanity and effective delivery of work.  Further information >


Open Course Dates.

Our workshops run continuously throughout the year. Browse the schedule below to find a date and time that works for you, or contact us to arrange a group workshop at your company or organisation. Further information >


Project Planning

Project Planning and Management.

Irrespective of what your business does, we have all entered the world of projects. So why are so many delivered late, cost more and often do not deliver what they set out to do? As an accredited ‘global education provider’ by the Project Management Institute, find out why they said Project Planning Breakthroughs is currently ‘the most effective method of project planning’. Further information >


Meeting Management.

Ever calculated how much money your organisation spends on meetings in a month? How much wasted time is spent by expensive resources (you and me) in poorly focused, badly planned and managed meetings? Those who have done the sums recognise the critical need to tackle how the organisation, not just the individuals, manage this expensive and necessary business process. Further information>


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Based in Glasgow, Priority Management is an international training company focusing very specifically in increasing productivity at work and leadership effectiveness.