Score yourself in our Productivity Challenge!
If you answer ‘No’ to 2 or more questions in our Productivity Challenge, it is time to act and give us a call to learn more about Working Smart with Priority Management and our track record on improving productivity;

Do you….

1. Deliver all your commitments on time?
2. Keep control of your emails and paper flow?
3. Complete each day’s important tasks during normal working hours?
4. Plan your meetings / phone calls / projects / major prior to starting each day?
5. Review previous communications before commencing new conversations / meetings / phone calls?
6. Control interruptions by others, such as telephone calls, ‘drop-in’ visitors or unscheduled meetings?
7. Delegate repetitive and less important tasks without fear of losing control?
8. Chair meetings using an agenda to achieve action orientated meetings?
9. Deliver your longer-term strategic goals on time?
10. Enjoy a good balance between your home and work?
How did you score? Did you answer ‘no’ to two or more questions? We would be happy to chat through a tailored programme that will address both personal and organisational productivity issues.