You are not alone! How many digital devices do you have within arm’s reach? Smart phone…laptop…tablet..the list goes on. Many of us are now ‘connected’ to the office 24/7 thanks to our digital tools and there is growing evidence that our gadgets are having a negative impact on out health and well being.
According to one study quoted by The British Psychological Society, employees hoped that staying ‘switched on’ via their technology, increased both flexibility and efficiency at work. However, many used various technological devices for work outside office hours because they believed there was a strong expectation to be available 24/7. (The British Psychological Society)
Work / life balance is often being replaced by ‘well being’ as a value in organisations today, but if organisational culture is such that people feel the need to be permanently ‘available’, there is little hope of REALLY looking after personal well being. The knock-on effects of stress and lack of productivity will inevitably impact on performance, delivery and work / life balance.
We are all guilty of dipping in and out of email all day, then responding to yet more work emails in the evening. Many of us are struggling to keep up with the sheer volume of work during the day, finding ourselves piling stacks of paperwork into our bag before we leave the office.
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